Leading the world in producing cell culture supplements.

RMBIO specializes in the development and production of high performance sera, protein fractions, and cell culture media supplements you need for both lab and diagnostic purposes

Our science is creating quality, performance oriented
products that make your science better.

The mission of RMBIO is to provide quality cell culture media components, products, and services using the highest safety and compliance standards, to meet the needs of our customers in the global bioprocessing and clinical diagnostic industries.

We can deliver. Our advanced high capacity production facility
and quality control systems means you never have to worry.

RMBIO's state-of-the-art and industrial scale facility is located in Missoula, MT. From here, we manufacture and ship products for use in a range of applications to labs across the country.

Our team of experts are smart. Really smart.

RMBIO's team combines technical expertise, dedication to service and a culture of innovation with over 100 years of combined production and commercial experience in the cell culture media industry.

Where we are matters. Missoula Montana fuels our innovation and the success of our customers.

We are located in Missoula Montana with asset base that is unique to only seven places in the world. It provides us with an opportunity to draw upon those resources to help us build world class products.