Bovine Serum Albumin

RMBIO manufactures premium grade performance oriented bovine serum albumins.

Our premium quality serum derived BSA retains additional growth and performance factors unlike common plasma derived albumins. Our state-of-the-art purpose built modern facility is designed to produce the highest grades of bovine serum albumin possible including any demand for highly customized albumins.

The World's Purest IgG Free Bovine Serum Albumin (< 1ppm IgG)

IgG Free BSA

The presence of IgG can alter important experimental data and lead to additional non-specific binding in important immunoassays. In monoclonal antibody production the presence of IgG can result in reduced purification yields of the target protein. RMBIO has developed a unique and proprietary chromatographic process that ensures no possibility of leached Protein A/G in our BSA. Our approach allows us to manufacture at large scale a virtually IgG free, (< 1 ppm) BSA for use in cell culture and diagnostics.

Our proprietary fractionation method ensures the highest quality low fatty acid BSA

Fatty Acid Poor BSA

RMBIO produces fatty acid low BSA using a proprietary fractionation method so we can ensure the highest quality. This BSA option allows for better formulation of albumin with specific fatty acids to enhance your cell culture system performance or reduce lipid interference with specific diagnostic kits or assays.

Let our experts customize to your specific grade and formulations

Standard Heat Shock BSA

Our version of heat shock bovine serum albumin is manufactured and supplied as either a liquid solution or a lyophilized powder. That variation allows us to provide our customers with a variety of packaging and quantity options for our BSA. With viral inactivation steps incorporated into our production process we can ensure our BSA can cover a wide variety of applications. Our standard Heat Shock bovine serum albumin is used as a general blocking reagent in ELISA, as a protein stabilizer and nutrient supplement for cell culture and microbial systems. Our ability to customize a BSA solution for you include the following: Reagent grade BSA; SH-Blocked BSA; Lipid-enhanced BSA; Protease-Free BSA and Polymerized BSA.

Contact us to discuss more about how our Bovine Serum Albumins can be customized for your business.

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