Contract Serum Filtration Service

A modern, state-of-the-art bovine dedicated single-use serum filtration suite.

RMBIO's filtration suite has multiple rooms, each featuring washable walls, ceilings, doors, and an easy to maintain quartz epoxy floor. The entire suite uses its own dedicated HEPA balanced air system ensuring air cannot mix with any other source. Purpose designed and built exclusively for fetal bovine serum, bovine serum and bovine growth serum dedicated filtration. Designed with efficiency in mind we utilize a small footprint to maximize short line runs, quick production and the fastest freezing time possible.

Highlighted Features

  • Bovine Dedicated - including FBS
  • Single Use
  • 3,000L true pool lot capacity
  • Multiple filtration options for our customers differing demands
  • Tight tolerance filling equipment in a ISO 5 area
  • Bovine dedicated blast freezer inside suite to minimize contamination
  • Filter to finish to frozen, all within 1,000 sq feet of a dedicated positive pressure HEPA filtered environment.
Photo of filtration suite

Staging Area

Our staging area marks where raw serum is brought to start the pooling process. This room also includes the FIFO Blast Freezer which is alarmed and has the capacity to freeze up to 3,000 liters of bovine serum within 12 hours.

Filtration Room

Our filtration room contains two 1,500 liter single use stainless totes which hold our 1,500 liter sterile pooling bags. The second tote is jacketed and chilled and serum is pumped between both bags to ensure proper temperature is kept during a larger true pool process. Our custom system is designed to make sure the first to last bottle, no matter how many liters filtered are identical with true pool validation.

Photo of filtration suite
Photo of filtration suite

Fill Room

Enclosed in our class 1000 cleanroom is the class 100 hood used to fill the containers. This is the heart of our filtration suite and boasts the highest pressured area ensuring only HEPA filtered air is present in this space. A gown room is used prior to entering and a lock-able clean pass through cabinet is used to bring empty bottles into the room. Our state of the art double fill heads can filter 1 liter every 8 seconds with extreme accuracy. This ensures our large true pool batches are pushed through the system in the shortest time possible ensuring our contract customers receive the best possible quality and value from our services.

Packaging Room

Our packaging room is set up to with automated equipment to properly torque caps to our contract specifications, a high end heat tunnel to ensure tamper proof bands fit properly and automated labeling. The proximity of this area allows us to rapidly move from the packaging stage into the blast freezer.

Photo of filtration suite
Photo of filtration suite

Bovine Dedicated Blast Freezer

Our blast freezer was designed to meet the stringent needs of freezing large quantities of serum in an very short time. Design built with two doors for true first in first out process with built in monitors that notify our maintenance team immediately if there are any measurable changes.

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