From the City of Hope Website:

"Dr. Liu's laboratory aims to understand how defects in DNA synthesis and repair contribute to cancer pathogenesis and aging. Specifically, her team focuses on a set of proteins belonging to the RECQ family of DNA helicases that are among the cancer suppressors linked to DNA repair, replication and genome understand what aspects of genome maintenance and DNA metabolism are required for normal development and cancer prevention."

With the help of Rocky Mountain Biologicals' Fetalgro, Dr. Liu and her team at City of Hope are making significant advances in human health with their cell culture experiments focused on understanding the molecular structure of the RECQ family of DNA helicases in cells.

Dr. Liu and her team specifically use RMBIO's proprietary Fetalgro product as a high-performance, cost-effective alternative to fetal bovine serum (FBS) in tissue and cell culture experiments focused on synthesizing DNA. As City of Hope scientists replicate DNA growth using Fetalgro as their medium, they can see why defects in the RECQ family happen, and how they impact cell growth. Some of those cellular defects ultimately cause various types of cancer, so being able to determine how and why these defects take place represents a significant step forward in being able to prevent and treat these diseases. 

Dr. Liu made the switch to using Fetalgro as their primary cell culture medium in early 2015, when the rising cost of FBS became a serious challenge to doing research on a large scale. She originally tried other FBS alternatives, like newborn calf serum, but found the growth nutrient wasn't as abundant; causing a cell cycle to take up to 26 hours instead of the usual 20 hours. 

When Dr. Liu researched alternatives to newborn calf serum, she found RMBIO's Fetalgro as a promising solution, and placed an initial order for 20 bottles. When she and her team used Fetalgro in their cell culture experiments, they were impressed with results that were not only better than newborn calf serum - they were directly comparable to the results they had been achieving with FBS. As Dr. Liu notes: 

"Fetalgro immediately cut down on our costs, and allowed for the same scale and caliber of experiments we used to do [with FBS]...Fetalgro has been a lifesaver for us."

Given the importance of City of Hope's work in preventing and treating diseases like cancer, their ability to continue researching is potentially a lifesaver for thousands of people around the globe.

RMBIO's Groundbreaker Series highlights a select group of companies and individuals that have caught our attention for their contributions to improving human and animal health. These stories, and many like them, inspire our employees and remind us each day of the role our products play in improving health. We are honored to work with companies and individuals that truly make a difference in the world.

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