Horse (Equine) Serum Albumin

RMBIO offers high quality horse serum albumin sourced from regulated herds. Equine serum albumin is a potential replacement for bovine serum albumin.

Horse (Equine) Serum Albumin
  • Cell-culture grade equine serum albumin
  • Suitable in some applications as an alternative to BSA
  • Binding agent for non-specific proteins
  • Useful in ELISAs, immunoblots, and immunohistochemistry
  • Provides additional nutrients when combined with other cell culture media
  • Horse serum albumin available in multiple package sizes; contact us for more information
  • Storage conditions: 2°- 8° C

Beginning with a carefully cultivated and monitored herd, RMBIO’s equine serum albumin is developed to meet high quality and consistency standards. From the raw material, we separate the horse serum albumin using state-of-the-art technology.

As standard procedure, horse serum albumin undergoes an initial, proprietary heat-shock process. Following that, we further purify the equine serum albumin using our industrial scale chromatographic column. RMBIO works closely with our customers to deliver product that meets your exact specifications, so we can provide additional processing as you request it.

Our equine serum albumin is sourced from donor US herds that undergo regular veterinary inspection. As part of the rigorous preparation process, the horses eat a specially formulated diet to maintain an ideal nutritional balance. Specially trained technicians use an enclosed facility that was designed for aseptic collection.


Certificate of Analysis

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Purified from validated raw materials of the United States

Catalog Number: ESA-BSH

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