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Our quality assurance is our obsession

If we could use a different word for our focus on quality it would be obsessed.

The mission of RMBIO is to provide quality cell culture media components, products, and services using the highest safety and compliance standards, to meet the needs of our customers in the global bioprocessing and clinical diagnostic industries.

RMBIO produces a range of sera, protein fractions, and cell culture media supplements, including fetal bovine serum and our own Lipogro. Because we have carefully cultivated a consistent supply of raw material, you can expect a consistent supply of the product you need. We also work with clients to provide customized products built to your specifications.

RMBIO's cell culture media products deliver the highest quality to our customers by providing three key benefits: safety, consistency, and performance. We have developed custom bovine protein products including albumin, IgG, lipoprotein, thrombin, and transferrin using proprietary techniques. In 2012 we added filtered serum to our offerings.

We work closely with raw material providers to ensure that we only accept safe, documented product. We've also developed rigorous and consistent collections protocol for our trained collections specialists. At our facility, we use the latest equipment and techniques to treat and filter material. Our expert staff oversee each stage of the process and quality control test the final product.