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Porcine Cholesterol Concentrate in a transparent 1000 milliliter bottle and 50 milliliter bottle.

Porcine Cholesterol Concentrate

Porcine cholesterol concentrate from RMBIO is ideal for diagnostic lipid controls. The concentrate contains mainly porcine LDL.
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USA Origin
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Our PCC is an aqueous solution comprised of lipoproteins including purified cholesterol and essential fatty acids. PCC’s high LDL concentration makes it ideal for increasing lipid levels in diagnostic controls and as a growth serum supplement. While PCC primarily contains LDL cholesterol, it can be blended with HDL cholesterol to produce controls with varying ratios of LDL and HDL.

  • Highly purified with high porcine LDL concentrations
  • Provided with no additional additives or stabilizers
  • Greater than or equal to 2000mg/dl
  • Available in multiple package sizes; contact us for more information
  • Additional and/or custom testing upon request
  • US origin
  • Purified from raw material under stringent quality controls
  • Storage conditions: 2°- 8° C

Porcine Cholesterol Concentrate specific product test requirements and typical values are given below:

Parameter Method Specification
Cholesterol Concentration Chemistry Analyzer 900 – 2500 mg/dL
Total Protein Chemistry Analyzer ≤ 8.0 g/dL
pH pH Meter 7.8 – 8.6
Sodium Flame Photometer ≤ 150 mEq/L
Potassium Flame Photometer ≤ 5.0 mEq/L
Chloride Chemistry Analyzer ≤ 150 mEq/L
Calcium Chemistry Analyzer ≤ 5.0 mg/dL
Iron Chemistry Analyzer <200 µg/dL
Appearance Visual Opaque Solution

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