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About Us

RMBIO specializes in the development and production of cell culture media supplements, sera, and protein fractions utilizing the highest safety and compliance standards, for the global research, bioprocessing, and clinical diagnostic industries.

Since 2004, RMBIO has reached several important milestones starting with the construction of our state-of-the-art, industrial manufacturing facility. Today, RMBIO continues to deliver on the original vision by strengthening the capabilities of our facility and expanding our portfolio of product and services.

Looking forward, we see RMBIO as a key member of the expanding family of biotechnical companies in the U.S. and beyond.

When you’re looking for consistent results, Rocky Mountain Biologicals can provide the cell culture media and supplements that will help you succeed.

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Our Team

RMBIO’s team combines technical expertise, dedication to service and a culture of innovation with over 100 years of combined production and commercial experience in the cell culture media industry.

RMBIO’s training programs require employees to be fully trained and capable on both the manufacturing floor as well as on all current GMP requirements and procedures. Yearly GMP training is required as well as constant on-the-job training. Our goal is to ensure the personnel manufacturing our products have the highest level of training possible.

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Our Facilities

RMBIO’s state-of-the-art serum and protein fractionation facility located in Missoula, Montana uses proprietary extraction and purification methods based on forty years of proven processes to produce protein fractions and filtered sera. The primary products manufactured in our Missoula facility include a complete line of animal sera, including FBS, calf, porcine, and equine serum, as well as serum treatments including Low IgG Stripping and Gamma Irradiation. The purpose-built Missoula labs are also where we create RMBIO’s proprietary FBS alternative Fetalgro and cell culture supplement Lipogro Bovine Cholesterol Concentrate; two products that dramatically reduce costs and match or improve FBS’ performance.

All of our Missoula biomanufacturing systems are designed to ensure product integrity and demonstrate reliability and consistency. Every single product batch is tracked from start to finish under a comprehensive quality system designed to guarantee a consistent, premium end product. That meticulous attention to quality and traceability earned RMBIO an ISIA traceability certification in 2014.

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