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Sterile Purified Water in a transparent 500 milliliter bottle.

Sterile Purified Water

Sterile purified water, reverse osmosis purified and UV-treated
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WST-BBZ-XXX-000 is sterile pure water purified by a multi- step process including reverse osmosis (RO) and UV treatment, resulting in resistivity of ≥ 16 MΩ. Sterile purified water may be used for dissolving powder media and reagents, and other various cell/tissue culture experiments as well as for excipients for non-parenteral administration.

  • H2O, Water, Hydrogen oxide
  • FW 18.02
  • H 11.19%, O 88.81%
  • (Liq.) Temperature of maximal density; 3.98°C
  • d3.98 1.000000 g/ml (0.999972 g/cc)
  • d425 0.997 g/cc
  • d0 (ice) 0.917 g/cc
  • Melting point 0°C, Boiling point 100°C
  • One liter saturated vapor weighs 0.5974 g at 100°C at 760 mm Critical Temperature 374.2°C, Critical Pressure 218 atm
  • Latent Heat of Fusion 1.436 kcal/mole
  • Latent Heat of Vaporization 9.717 kcal/mole
  • Water is the most universal solvent and is also the most common component in natural cells and tissues.

For research use only.

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