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Fetalgro® Bovine Growth Serum in a transparent 500 milliliter bottle.
Fetalgro® Bovine Growth Serum in a transparent 50 milliliter bottle.

Fetalgro® Bovine Growth Serum (Standard FBS Replacement)

Fetalgro® Bovine Growth Serum is our proprietary FBS alternative. Available at a fraction of the price, Fetalgro® matches or outperforms FBS' cell growth capabilities in many cell lines.
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Catalog Number : FGR-BBT
USA Origin (Cell Culture Tested)
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50 ML
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Product Details

Fetalgro® is our proprietary bovine growth serum supplemented with additives that match or outperform FBS' cell growth capabilities in many cell lines including:
  • U2OS
  • HEK293
  • CHO
  • Vero
  • NB
  • HeLa
  • A549
  • MDBK

Developed as a FBS alternative, Fetalgro® is a fraction of the price of FBS with a more reliable supply line, ensuring consistent availability. Many cell lines are suited to direct adaptation from FBS to Fetalgro® with no weaning procedure.  Fetalgro® is triple 0.1 µm sterile filtered in our cGMP compliant facility. All serum used in Fetalgro® manufacturing is sourced from audited suppliers within the US and is fully traceable.

  • Average endotoxin level*: < 3 EU/ml
  • Average hemoglobin level*: < 10 mg/dL
  • US origin
  • Storage conditions: ≤ -10° C

*Data based on last seven lots produced.

Fetalgro® Bovine Growth Serum (BGS) specific product test requirements and typical values are given below:

Parameter Method Specification
Total Protein Chemistry Analyzer As Reported
Osmolality By Osmometer 260 - 340 mOsm/Kg
pH pH Meter 6.5 - 8.5
Hemoglobin USP <90> < 30 mg/dl
Albumin Chemistry Analyzer As Reported
Endotoxin LAL As Reported
Appearance Visual Clear Amber
Sterility, Mycoplasma, and Viral Analysis 9CFR 113.26, 28, 53 Tested
Other Parameters Comprehensive Chemistry Testing As Reported

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