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Porcine Trypsin Solution

Our porcine trypsin liquid solution is manufactured from material sourced in the US
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Porcine trypsin is used to remove adherent cells from a culture surface. Trypsin is also used for the re-suspension of cells during cell culture and in proteomics research.

  • 0.25% Concentration
  • Manufactured using porcine pancreas collected in the US from USDA approved facilities
  • Activity and purity can be customized to meet individual user specifications.
  • Manufactured in our GMP compliant and FDA registered facility
  • Contact us to discuss your specific project requirements

Porcine Trypsin specific product test requirements and typical values are given below:

Parameter Method Specification
Ash Residue upon Ignition ≤ 2.5%
Endotoxin LAL ≤ 24 EU/mg
Parvovirus PCR Negative
Microbial Plate Count ≤ 1,000 CFU/g
Moisture Loss on Drying ≤ 5.0%
Chymotrypsin Activity USP Trypsin Monograph ≥ 75 USP Units/mg
Trypsin Activity USP Trypsin Monograph ≥ 225 USP Units/mg
Appearance USP Trypsin Monograph ≥ 220 USP Units/mg

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