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Ham's F-12 1X Nutrient Mixture without L-glutamine, without HEPES in a transparent 500 milliliter bottle.
Ham's F-12 1X Nutrient Mixture without L-glutamine, without HEPES in a transparent 1000 milliliter bottle.

HMF-003: F-12 Nutrient Mixture (HAM’S F-12) 1X, Without L-glutamine, Without HEPES

F-12 Nutrient Mixture (HAM’S F-12) 1X, without L-glutamine and without HEPES.
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Catalog Number : HMF-BBZ-XXX-003
F-12 Nutrient Mixture (HAM’S F-12) 1X, Without L-glutamine, Without HEPES
Case of 6 500ml bottles
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HAM’s F-12 was originally developed in the 1960’s for serum-free growth of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells. Since then, it has been widely used, with and without supplemental serum, to culture various mammalian and hybridoma cells.

HMF-BBZ-XXX-003 is L-glutamine and HEPES free. Important considerations when selecting a nutrient medium include: cell type, culture type (i.e., monolayer, suspension, or clonal) and the degree of chemical definition necessary. It is important to review the literature for recommendations concerning medium type, required supplementation and physiological parameters required for a specific cell line.


The liquid medium should be stored at 2-8°C away from direct sunlight. Deterioration of the liquid medium may be recognized by:

  • Precipitate or particulate matter visible throughout the solution
  • Cloudy appearance
  • Color change
  • pH change

The nature of supplements added may affect the storage conditions and shelf life of the medium. Product label bears expiration date.


For research use only.

Parameter Method Specification
Appearance Visual Red Transparent Solution
pH at RT Before Additions pH Meter 7.2 - 7.8
Osmolality Chemistry Analyzer 281 - 310 mOsm/kg H2O
Endotoxin LAL ≤ 1 EU/ml
Sterility Sterilized by 0.2 um filtration system

Components mg/L
CaCl2 (anhydrous) 33.22
KH2PO4 0.00
CuSO4·5H2O 0.0025
FeSO4·7H2O 0.83
KCl 223.65
MgCl2 (anhydrous) 57.22
MgSO4 0.00
NaCl 7599.00
NaHCO3 1176.00
Na2HPO4 (anhydrous) 142.04
ZnSO4·7H2O 0.86
D-Glucose 1801.60
HEPES 0.00
Hypoxanthine·Na 5.40
Linoleic Acid 0.09
DL-α-Lipoic Acid 0.21
Phenol Red 1.30
Putrescine·2HCl 0.16
Sodium Pyruvate 110.00
Thymidine 0.73
L-Alanine 8.91
L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine 0.00
L-Arginine·HCl 210.07
L-Asparagine·H2O 15.01
L-Aspartic Acid 13.30
L-Cysteine·HCl·H2O 35.12
L-Glutamic Acid 14.70
L-Glutamine 0.00
Glycine 7.51
L-Histidine·3HCl·H2O 20.96
L-Isoleucine 3.94
L-Leucine 13.12
L-Lysine·HCl 36.54
L-Methionine 4.48
L-Phenylalanine 4.96
L-Proline 34.53
L-Serine 10.51
L-Threonine 11.91
L-Tryptophan 2.04
L-Tyrosine·2Na·2H2O 7.78
L-Valine 11.71
Biotin 0.00733
Calcium D-pantothenate 0.24
Choline Chloride 13.96
Folic Acid 1.30
Myo-Inositol 18.02
Niacinamide 0.04
Pyridoxine·HCI 0.06
Riboflavin 0.04
Thiamine·HCI 0.34
Vitamin B12 1.357

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