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Liquid Amies Medium in a transparent 1000 milliliter bottle.
Liquid Amies Medium in a transparent 500 milliliter bottle.

Liquid Amies Medium

Liquid Amies medium, without charcoal, for in-vitro use.
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Product Details

Liquid Amies medium is a balanced salt solution formulated to maintain an osmotic balance similar to the natural condition mammalian systems. Liquid Amies medium is used for its effective buffering capacity at in vivo neutral pH. RMBIO liquid Amies includes:

  • Sodium chloride
  • Potassium chloride
  • Calcium chloride
  • Magnesium chloride
  • Monopotassium phosphate
  • Disodium phosphate
  • Sodium thioglycolate
  • Molecular grade water


The liquid Amies is a colorless, transparent solution. It may have a cloudy appearance due to the salts present in the medium.


Bulk Amies may be stored at 2-25°C. Do not freeze prior to use. Product expiration date is 14 months from the date of manufacture. See bottle label and certificate of analysis for lot specific expiration date.


This product is produced for in-vitro use and is suitable for research and manufacturing only. It is the end user’s responsibility to determine the suitability and obtain sufficient validation for each application of use. The medium has not been reviewed by the FDA.

Instructions for Use

  1. Check the expiration date of the product and do not use products that have expired.
  2. Do not use the product if it is damaged or if foreign substances are found in the product.
  3. If necessary, dispense the appropriate amount of product into a suitable container.
  4. Do not use it if original container is broken or any foreign matter is found.

Safety Information



Avoid contact with skin and eyes

Do not ingest

Country of Origin


Parameter Method Specification
Appearance Visual Clear Liquid
pH at RT Before Additions pH Meter 7.2 ± 0.3
Osmolality Chemistry Analyzer As Reported
Endotoxin LAL ≤ 1 EU/ml
Microbial Content Plate Count No Growth

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